Tesla Tinting in Brandon, FL


Performance Pit Shop Tinting, Lighting, and Audio specializes in Tesla tinting and customizations for all Tesla models. Customers trust us to tint their Teslas and we always come through with work that’s flawless. Our shop is known for its attention to detail and the high-quality tinting materials we use. Don’t trust your Tesla to any other shop!

We use the finest tint products from proven companies like 3M, giving your Tesla the level of tint you desire. Our tinting can be completed on all Tesla models, across all windows.

Why Tint Your Tesla?

Teslas have a feature called Cabin Overheat Protection that kicks in when interior temperature gets over 110 degrees. This forces the A/C on, which can drain the battery faster. Tinting your Tesla helps control interior temperatures, conserving battery power. Tinting your Tesla can help you get more out of every charge!

Teslas are also known for having a lot of auto glass, which not only increases cabin heat but also reduces privacy and creates more opportunities for glare. Tinting solves both of these problems, giving you the privacy you deserve and mitigating glare.

We Also Offer Chrome Delete

There’s quite a bit of chrome on Teslas, and it’s not always appealing to some drivers. We offer chrome delete Tesla packages that get rid of your chrome, replacing it with matte finishes or colored accents for a truly customizable ride. Pair this with our tint packages for customized appeal that will distinguish your Tesla from every other like it on the road.

Proper Prep Work

For us, a good Tesla tint job starts before the application process. Our shop takes additional time to make sure the vehicle is completely protected prior to beginning the tinting process. We wrap the inside of your doors in a special plastic to prevent any blemishes from occurring, and the edges are wrapped for additional protection.

Tint Your Tesla

Performance Pit Shop Tinting, Lighting, and Audio is ready to tint your Tesla! We specialize in Tesla tinting and are a top-rated company on Google, having worked on numerous Teslas in Brandon, Hillsborough County, and Tampa, FL over the years. Contact us today at (813) 643-5174 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our Tesla, general car window, and residential window tinting.

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