Subwoofer Installation in Brandon, FL

listening to music in your carWhat good is a brand-new car stereo installation in Brandon, Hillsborough County, or Tampa, FL without a subwoofer to back it all up? If you want the most out of your upgraded sound system, it’s critical not to skimp on a subwoofer. The team at Performance Pit Shop Tinting, Lighting, and Audio will help you pick out the right option for your unique sound system and make sure it’s installed to perform at its highest possible level.

Take Home Today and Pay Later!

Options for Any Budget

Sound systems aren’t cheap—any audiophile knows this. But, thanks to a diverse range of manufacturers and setups, it’s possible to get great-sounding audio at any price point. You just have to know where to look!

We offer several packages for subwoofer installation, meant to reflect different price points and budgets. From just a couple hundred dollars to upwards of a thousand, we’ve got a variety of different bass packages. We’ll be happy to explain them all to you, helping you find one that fits within your budget and performs at the level you expect it to.

Pick Your Power Level

Depending on your sound system, you may require a specific output level from your subwoofer. Whatever the requirements of your sound system, we’re prepared to meet them. From a simple 12” sub with moderate bass output, to a small 8” compact sub for under your seat and more, count on us to keep your sound tight. Some of the power levels we offer include:

  • 1200w
  • 1100w
  • 600w
  • 300w


Drop the Bass

Ready to bring your sound system to life? Performance Pit Shop Tinting, Lighting, and Audio can help. Stop in today to view our entire selection of subwoofers or to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members about your needs. We’ll be glad to walk you through your options and can provide information about installation in your specific vehicle. Contact us today at 813-643-5174 for subwoofers, loudspeakers, and backup cameras.

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