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How HID Lights Improve Visibility

June 5, 2018

High intensity discharge (HID) headlights are the latest advancement in automotive technology, making it safer and easier than ever before to operate a vehicle. HID lights cast a cool, intense blue beam of light, rather than the traditional dull yellow throb of standard halogen headlight bulbs. Long used by law enforcement, HID headlights are now becoming increasingly popular with civilian drivers. HID lights use a chamber of charged gas, similarly to a neon sign, in lieu of a filament. The light is often then focused and refracted using a series of mirrors that focus the cool blue beam, creating a... View Article

Benefits of Window Tinting

June 5, 2018

Driving in the heat of summer can be a challenging task. Bright sunlight can be a distraction, and vehicle cabins that are overly hot can also take your mind away from the task at hand. Thankfully, it’s possible to tint the windows of your vehicle, preserving your privacy and improving your focus in even the most adverse driving conditions. Some states and jurisdictions place limits on the amount of window tinting allowed on vehicles. If you’re considering investing in window tints for your vehicle, you should first consult with an expert specializing in auto window tinting in Brandon, FL to... View Article

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