Why You Need a Subwoofer for Your Car Audio System

Why You Need a Subwoofer for Your Car Audio System

December 28, 2018

A subwoofer is a type of speaker that produces the lowest ranges of frequencies, which leads to better-sounding, cleaner bass than you’d get from a standard speaker. In a car audio system, the subwoofer works in conjunction with the other speakers in your vehicle to provide a full range of sound frequencies, meaning you’ll be able to hear deep bass lines and drum beats just as well as you’ll be able to hear the main treble melodies and guitar solos.

Subwoofers in vehicles can have a rather dubious reputation for creating bass that is so heavy it annoys passengers in nearby vehicles, but that’s only when the volume is cranked high and the driver is intentionally using it in such a way. Subwoofers are beneficial for anyone who enjoys good-quality audio. You’ll find your listening experience to be significantly enhanced when you install one.

Here are some of the biggest advantages associated with using a subwoofer as part of your car stereo installation in Brandon, FL:

  • Better quality bass: The bass in an audio file is extremely important, as it is the “base” of the sound that’s produced. Only with a high-quality subwoofer will you be able to get the full effect of the bassline. The size of the speakers doesn’t matter nearly as much for the bass as the type of subwoofer you’re using. Subwoofers are designed in such a way that they generate the much larger cone movements required for lower bass frequencies, which simply will not occur in other types of speakers. That’s why you often hear distortion on regular speakers trying to crank out low bass sounds.
  • Better sound design: Subwoofers give you more versatility with your sound design, because you’re adding in speakers and making a more holistic listening experience. You can use multiple subwoofers if you like, combining them with the speakers you already have in your vehicle. When designed correctly, the sound will be all around you in your vehicle, making you feel as though you’re right in the middle of a concert.
  • Most customization: You have a lot of customization capability when adding in aftermarket sound system parts to your vehicle, including new subwoofers. You can choose the type of enclosure that works best for you, depending on the types of music you like to listen to. If you’re into pop, jazz and classical music, which tend to have faster, tighter basslines, you’ll want a sealed enclosure. If you’re into heavy metal, rock or hip hop, you’ll probably go with a ported box, which allows for deeper and bigger bass sounds. The choice is yours.

Subwoofers are, of course, highly optional, but if you’re a fan of music and love to listen to music while you drive, they are also highly recommended. If you’re interested in our car stereo installation services in Brandon, FL, keep in mind we do offer financing—your plan can start with as little as $50 down with no credit check. Reach out to Performance Pit Shop Tinting, Lighting, and Audio today to learn more about your options!

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