The Many Types of Car Alarms in Brandon, FL

The Many Types of Car Alarms in Brandon, FL

October 31, 2018

Factory car alarms are often quite finicky. Either they don’t trigger at all, or if they do, they simply don’t provide enough volume to be heard from a reasonable distance, which defeats the entire purpose of having a car alarm to begin with.

Fortunately, today there are more types of car alarms available for aftermarket purchase than ever before. Now you can go out to your local auto shop and find car alarms that have a greater sensitivity, offer two-way paging function and are even paired with remote start in Brandon, FL.

Here are just a few examples of some of the many types of car alarms you can find on the market today:

  • Regular car alarms: First and foremost, let’s take a quick look at the standard type of car alarm you’re most likely to come across. Generic add-on alarm systems generally come with remote control, a siren and a shock sensor. You might be able to find other features, such as panic mode, starter kill and lock/unlock. Most of these standard car alarms are specifically designed to mimic the standard factory alarm system, but give you more control options in the process.
  • Two-way paging: Car alarms with two-way paging are a nice step up from the generic aftermarket car alarms, adding two-way communication functionality to the alarm. So, for example, if you lock your vehicle, the remote will then tell you the vehicle was locked successfully, so you don’t have to wonder whether or not you were actually within range when you hit the lock button. In addition, if someone is breaking into your vehicle, the alarm will notify you that your vehicle is in trouble. These two-way paging systems have significant ranges in some cases, up to a mile from the transmitter.
  • Remote start: Another option to take a step up from the generic aftermarket car alarm is to get a car alarm with remote start. In many cases, you can start your vehicle from up to a mile away. Car alarm remote start systems combine some outstanding alarm functionality with this convenient remote start, which allows you to heat up or cool down your vehicle before you get inside, depending on the season. Meanwhile, you benefit from active built-in safety features while the vehicle is running. Some of these systems also come with turbo timers that will run your vehicle even for a few minutes after you shut off your turbo charger.
  • Twoway paging and remote start: Yes, you can find alarm systems that combine both the two-way paging and remote start functionality, giving you the premier all-in-one alarm and remote system you’ve been looking for. Start your vehicle remotely and receive confirmation on the remote that it is running. The remote also allows you to get temperature readings and lock or unlock your car, with direct feedback on the remote about your settings.

For more information about some of the car alarms in Brandon, FL that are available for purchase, contact the team at Performance Pit Shop Tinting, Lighting, and Audio today.

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