Auto Subwoofers vs. Speakers: Info About Car Speaker Installation in Brandon, FL

Auto Subwoofers vs. Speakers: Info About Car Speaker Installation in Brandon, FL

August 30, 2018

Your car’s audio system will have multiple different speakers built into it to provide a wider range of sounds and sound qualities. To get the best quality soundsystem in your vehicle, you need a setup that has speakers and subwoofers, plus other elements like tweeters, mid-ranges and woofers. Each of these pieces of equipment handles different ranges of notes and sounds, and when they’re all used to complement each other, they cover the entire sound spectrum.

So, what exactly do you need to know about subwoofers and speakers when putting together your vehicle’s audio system? Here’s some information about subwoofer installation for your car in Brandon, FL.


Speakers are essentially just loudspeakers that convert electrical signals into sound. The variations of these electrical signals cause the device reading them to move in sync with the signal and create sound waves through air (or water). Speakers create the most differences with regard to distortion and general sound, which is why they are the biggest point of comparison for most audio systems.


Subwoofers are a specific type of woofer (another category of loudspeaker) that is specifically meant to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies, or bass. They typically feature a plastic or wooden enclosure fitted with several woofers. The way these woofers are placed inside the enclosure makes room for the creation of several variants on the subwoofer. These variants are categorized according to their size, cost, power, efficiency and distortion characteristics, and include horn-loaded, bandpass, infinite baffle and bass reflex subwoofers.

The frequency range you’ll get out of a subwoofer depends primarily on what you’re using it for. A subwoofer for in-home use typically has frequencies that range from 20 to 200 Hz, but one used for professional sound would typically be below 100 Hz.

The most common options for subwoofer types are active and passive subwoofers. Active subwoofers feature built-in amplifiers, and passive subwoofers require the use of external amplifiers, and instead feature just the subwoofer driver and the enclosure.

Designing the optimal soundsystem

When you’re designing your vehicle’s audio system, you’ll need to consider exactly what you’re looking for out of the quality of your sound and how you’ll plan out your soundsystem to achieve those goals. You might be able to tinker with the soundsystem that came standard with your vehicle, but more likely you’re going to want to look for aftermarket equipment if the quality of the sound in your car is important to you. It likely will be a priority if you listen to a lot of music, rather than just talk radio or podcasts.

Start by clearly defining what your goals are for your soundsystem so that as you research the various options available to you, you can prioritize exactly what you need to purchase and in what order.

For more information about car speaker installation in Brandon, FL and the products and services we offer to our customers, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today.

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