Pre-Insurance Car Inspections in Brandon, FL

Pre-Insurance Car Inspections in Brandon, FL

June 27, 2018

Every state requires drivers to have car insurance. However, vehicle inspections are only mandatory in some circumstances, and not in all states. Florida happens to be one of those states that mandates vehicle inspections.

Statistics over the years have shown that when car inspections are required, not as many cars will create hazards on the roads due to faulty brakes, burnt-out lights and turn signals or broken parts. Inspections also help reduce the costs of insurance premiums for drivers.

You will be ineligible to register your vehicle unless you have a car inspection in Brandon, FL performed on the vehicle first. Without a verified inspection report showing you passed and without a registered vehicle, you won’t be able to get a car insurance policy.

Inspections help prevent fraud

Inspections don’t just help you get a vehicle registration certificate—they also help you to significantly reduce your chance of fraud while lowering your premiums.

Brand new cars usually won’t require insurance inspections, because they’re coming straight from the dealership. However, if you’re looking at purchasing a used car and want to get comprehensive and collision insurance, you’ll need to have that car inspected.

This isn’t to say car insurance companies automatically assume you’re going to try to commit fraud. The point is that requiring everyone to get an inspection reduces the risk of insurance fraud. Considering how much of a drain fraud can have on public money, it makes matters easier for a large number of people. Insurance companies have to pay out claims even if they are fraudulent. The more fraudulent claims an insurance company has to pay out, the higher premiums get for everyone as a whole.

Fortunately, getting an inspection done before you insure your car will clearly indicate whether or not there are any problems you’ll need to worry about in the vehicle when seeking an insurance policy. It’s also a great way of setting a “baseline” for the condition of the car. If your car didn’t have a scratch on it when you purchased it but you get a ding a few weeks later, you can clearly justify your claim to the car insurance company as not being fraudulent, because the results of your pre-insurance inspection clearly show the condition the vehicle was in before.

You can have your inspection performed at a wide variety of places. Gas stations and mechanics often perform these inspections, and there are also specific inspection stations. You can get a list of approved inspection locations from your insurance company or from the state Department of Transportation.

If you aren’t sure whether you need a car insurance inspection, you should check with your insurance company and your DMV. Even if you live in an area that does not require you to get an inspection on your vehicle, the terms of your insurance policy might require you to anyway.

For more information about pre-insurance car inspections in Brandon, FL, contact the team at Performance Pit Shop today. We look forward to working with you.

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